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  • Kenshoo Search

    Scale your paid search campaigns across media platforms with automation, optimization, and industry expertise to meet your advertising objectives.

  • Placement Asset Customization

    Advertisers can customize the image or video creative they want to appear by placement, while still allowing our systems to optimize for the placement itself. Customizing creative by placements ensures that the ad will best match the viewing behavior for that placement,
    while still taking advantage of the efficiencies of multiple placements.

  • Pinterest Advertising

    As a Pinterest Marketing Partner, Kenshoo allows you to take advantage of all of Pinterest’s marketing solutions and layer on Kenshoo’s suite of advanced optimization, data, and campaign management capabilities.

  • Kenshoo Local Is Expanding To Social

    With this first-of-its-kind solution, marketers will now have the ability to reach and engage local audiences at scale seamlessly across the Facebook family of apps: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.

  • Kenshoo's Audience Manager

    Put your audience strategy first by leveraging Audience Manager’s ability to streamline audience creation, automate CRM refreshes, and analyze audience insights so that you can easily optimize and scale your audiences across relevant platforms to achieve your advertising goals.

  • Amazon Conversions Data on Social

    Kenshoo bridges the gap between publishers by enabling Facebook advertisers to measure and optimize towards purchases made on Amazon. This gives advertisers more insight to maximize performance towards their Facebook campaigns that drive users to Amazon.

  • Immersive Stories Ads on Kenshoo

    As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Kenshoo enables Facebook advertisers to unlock the full potential of their creative. By leveraging Stories through Kenshoo, social advertisers have the experience of Facebook with the technology and easability of Kenshoo.

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